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Kopfhaube Karting Sparco

  • Referenz: S002286BI-OS
  • Marke: Sparco
  • Verfügbarkeit: Lieferbar innerhalb von 8-10 Werktagen

The new racewear for kart drivers features a twin polyester/polypropylene structure to offer maximum comfort and water repellent properties. The newracewear is made by means of a processing method

known as “body-size” in which the garment is produced as a single piece item with no stitching at the sides.

This type of process means different sections can be made more or less elastic to meet differing needs. The existence of more elastic sections makes the garment more comfortable to wear.


COMPOSITION: 50% polyester - 50% Polypropylene.

Average weight of fabric 150/180 g/m2


Single layer balaclava with minimal ultra-thin, flat stitching. Differentiated structure with elasticised panels for maximum comfort. Flat eyeholes for increased comfort.