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Rennanzüge Sparco Victory RS-7 Grau Orange 48

  • Referenz: S0011277H-GRAR-48
  • Marke: Sparco
  • Verfügbarkeit: Lieferbar innerhalb von 8-10 Werktagen

COMPOSITION: Meta-Aramid HOCOTEX™ fabric,

Single layer sandwich with an average weight of 330/360 gr/m².


CHARACTERISTICS: The suit was designed with the aim of ensuring maximum

driver comfort while driving, with elasticised panels made of double-fronted soft

mesh (armholes and back) and preformed sleeves. The suit is equipped with

contrasting panels in flat ultralight cloth and new Sparco personalised linings, with

some details in partial view, producing the characteristic Sparco style. Stitched

quilting with ultra-thin yarn evokes the classic Sparco style, the suit has integrated

extraction epaulettes made in the typical Sparco shoulder design, concealed

pockets, preformed neck and belt with the characteristic Sparco logo.


PERSONALISATION: fireproof transfer printing (recommended) - embroidery.